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Rainy day programme

An exciting farm holiday in Altenmarkt

Right at the very start of your farm experience we’ll show you around the whole farm, so that you know your way around. There are cats and rabbits, all looking forward to being stroked by the children.

Deko rotRainy day programme

Our countryside wouldn’t be so beautiful and green if rainclouds didn’t pass by now and again.
When dark rainclouds hover over the rooftop, don’t despair.

Do you want to lie longer in bed, drink your coffee later, take an afternoon nap, read or play cards?
Laze around until the evening, later pour a glass of cider, until you’re tired from your day and are ready for bed.
If you’re keen on sports start the day with a run in the rain.
After a powerful breakfast take your swimming things, tennis racket or whatever and head for the sports hall or swimming pool.
Some are interested in what’s happening in Werfen on the Dachstein or Tauern.
The City of Salzburg and the Salzkammergut are very popular, as they offer something for everyone.
Galeries, museums and all sorts of buildings, boot trips on lakes, swimming pools, thermal spas and even caves, there’s plenty to see and do here.
Many have a look at what Altenmarkt has to offer.
Visit something, explore the resort, go shopping, you’ll also find places to eat and drink in Altenmarkt.
Here on the farm too there’s always something going on.
Painting, handicrafts, reading… or cooking a meal, use your imagination and you’ll never get bored.
There are animals in the stables, hay in the barn for playing and exploring – every day anew.
We’re sure you’ll find something to keep yourself occupied – anyway the sun’s sure to come out again soon.

Deko rotArts & crafts

On rainy days you can put your creativity to the test with arts & crafts. We’re happy to provide craft materials and supplies according to the time of year and are on hand for tips and instructions.

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